The Alpha Omicron Alumni Association Forms the Centennial Scholarship Fund


This fall the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha will celebrate its 100th year. Join us at Southwestern during Homecoming Weekend on November 5-6, 2010 for our Centennial Celebration!

To mark this momentous occasion, the Alpha Omicron Alumni Association has formed the Centennial Scholarship Fund. Our chapter has lost two initiated brothers in the last two years because they and their families could no longer afford to fund their education at SU. This endowed fund will support an undergraduate brother through an annual need-based scholarship. You will receive a mailing in the next few weeks; you can support the undergraduate chapter by contributing to this fund in the following ways:

  • Mail a check to me made out to Southwestern University (return envelope enclosed in the mailing).
  • Visit to give online.
  • Return the pledge form enclosed in the mailing.  You can satisfy your pledge over 1 to 5 years.

Your tax-deductable contribution will help us ensure that all brothers are able to have the same quality experience that you and I had as Pikes at Southwestern. For more information about the opportunity to contribute to the Centennial Scholarship Fund and for information about our upcoming Centennial Celebration, please visit /.

Enclosed you will find additional information about the Centennial Fund and plans that are developing for our Centennial Celebration. Thank you for your continued support of the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha. I look forward to seeing you this fall.

In the bonds,

Daniel Webb AO ’05

President, Alpha Omicron Alumni Association

Centennial Scholarship Fund

OverviewThis endowed fund was organized by the Alpha Omicron Alumni Association (AOAA) in collaboration with staff at Southwestern and voted on by the alumni in attendance at Founder’s Day, March 6, 2010. This fund will create an annual scholarship which will be allocated by Southwestern’s Office of Financial Assistance to the undergraduate member of our fraternity who demonstrates the highest degree of financial need each academic year. In the event that there is no such brother, the annual scholarship will go to descendants of AO alumni attending Southwestern. If this too is not possible, the Office of Financial Assistance will allocate the scholarship to a Southwestern student demonstrating financial need.

$100,000 Goal – The AOAA has set a goal of $100,000 for this campaign. To endow the Centennial Scholarship Fund, we need to first raise $25,000.

Why GiveOur chapter has lost two initiated brothers in the last two years because they and their families could no longer afford to fund their education at SU. As the cost of education continues to increase, this fund will help ensure that all brothers are afforded the same opportunities to benefit from the Southwestern Pike Experience as we were.

How to Give ­– Listed below are the methods of giving to the Centennial Scholarship. Should you wish to talk to an officer of the AOAA about your gift, please refer to the contact information listed on the cover letter.

  • Mail a check to me made out to Southwestern University (return envelope enclosed in the mailing).
  • Visit to give online.
  • Return the pledge form enclosed in the mailing.  You can satisfy your pledge over 1 to 5 years.

Donor Recognition

  • Centennial Circle – $5,000+
  • Naming Level – $2,500+
    • Give your gift in honor of or in memory of another brother.
  • President’s Club – $125/mo., $1,500/yr.
  • Lonestar Leaders – $100/mo., $1,200/yr.
  • Gold Level – $50/mo., $600/yr.
  • Garnet Level – $25/mo., $300/yr.

Class Agents

Steve Raben AO ’59

John Raish AO ’63

Richard Pinger AO ’65

John Curry AO ’67

Bill Smith AO ’70

Ted Caryl AO ’73

Dustin James AO ’78.5

Steve Ressling AO ’79

Audie Alcorn AO ’81

Randy Bowden AO ’82.5

James Morrison AO ’84

Mike Lade AO ’85

George Cruz AO ’92

Thomas Singletary AO ’95

Patrick Jennings AO ’97

Drew York AO ’99

Bradford Barron AO ’01

Jason Modglin AO ’02

Ben Woods AO ’03

Daniel Webb AO ’05

Earl Moseley, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Announced

Dear Alpha Omicron Brothers, Little Sisters, and Friends,

As the remaining members of the AO ’81 PKA pledge class, it is indeed our honor to be writing to you on behalf of the legacy of Earl Lee Moseley, Jr. Many of you have already heard that our dear fraternity brother, Earl, passed away on February 25th in San Antonio, after a 10-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

For those of you who were able to attend Earl’s funeral in San Marcos on March 5th, and/or the memorial service at Southwestern the next day, it was so good to get together with you and to share in our memories, our tears, and our laughter. For those of you who could not attend, your presence was felt, and you were in our hearts, our minds, and our conversations.

The purpose of this post is to announce to you the establishment of the Earl Lee Moseley, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund at Southwestern, and we are asking for your support in helping make this memorial a reality. You may read about Earl, and about the founding of this scholarship, on Southwestern’s website, at .

But we do not really need to explain to you the greatness of Earl as a brother and as a friend. He was an inspiration to us all, and we miss him terribly.

Earl never married, and had no children, and yet he influenced so many – directly, one-on-one, and through the many organizations which were important to him and to which he devoted his infinite love, spirited energy, and careful guidance. What better way to help perpetuate Earl’s legacy than by establishing a scholarship in his name, at one of the institutions that Earl loved, Southwestern University, and to thereby carry on the work of helping other young people – as Earl himself helped so many – to develop and nurture the kinds of talents that Earl possessed and so freely shared.

Please help us do this. The university requires a sum of $25,000 in order to activate this scholarship. Once activated, the scholarship will be awarded each year to one or more junior or senior Southwestern students who demonstrate campus leadership, civic engagement, and financial need. Among such students – as identified jointly by the Offices of Civic Engagement, Student Affairs, and Financial Aid – further consideration will be given to those students who are from under-represented groups at Southwestern.

Earl knew a few things about raising money. He knew the importance of large gifts in helping to make a dream become a reality. But he also knew about the ‘power of the people’ – how the combined efforts of many, however small individually, compounded together to create something that was, in the end, greater than the sum of its parts. So, in whatever way you are able to help us commemorate Earl, we ask you to do this – to help us establish this scholarship in Earl’s name, at his alma mater.

Gifts may be made online at or by calling Southwestern at 512-863-1482 or 1-800-960-6363.

Many people asked us, at Earl’s funeral, what they could do, to commemorate and honor Earl, our good friend. Here is a great opportunity, to help carry on through others what Earl did as a way of life.

Please consider making your gift today, so that we may reach our goal sooner rather than later. Thank you.

Lastly, please forward this information to others that may share an interest in giving to this scholarship fund.


The Alpha Omicron Pike Pledge Class of 1981

Audie Alcorn

Andy Hamblen

Mark Lewis

Stattler Mood

Ray Page

Ken Pool

Paul Ross

Les Sanders

Clay Traylor

Russell Wickman

Alpha Omicron Centennial Scholarship Fund Established

At the business meeting on Saturday, March 6, 2010, the Alpha Omicron Alumni Association approved the following recommendation of the Centennial Scholarship committee:

“The Committee recommends the establishment of an Alpha Omicron Centennial Scholarship with the following elements:

1. We set up an endowed scholarship through Southwestern University. Annual withdrawals would be calculated using the regular distribution percentage used by the school.
2. Distributions would be made to provide scholarship funds to active Alpha Omicron Pikes on the basis of need.
3. We would hold back the first $2500 from the endowment effort to fund the first year’s scholarship award.
4. Single or combined gifts totaling at least $2500 would be eligible for naming honors in tribute or memorial.
5. If there is no active chapter at S.U. the proceeds of the endowment would go to the benefit of S.U. students who are descendants of Alpha Omicron Pike alumni.”

Immediately after this recommendation was approved, brother Mark Woods, Chair of the Centennial Scholarship Committee, announced that $12,000 had already been pledged to the fund.  Brother Steve Raben then announced that the first named scholarship would be the “Sessions Scholarship” in honor of U.S. Representative Pete Sessions (AO ‘76.25), his brother Mark Sessions (AO ‘76,5) , Pete’s son Bill Sessions (AO ’09) and the Honorable Judge William Sessions (Pete and Mark’s father, Bill’s grandfather).

The goal of the Centennial fund is to raise at least $100,000 in pledges by the Centennial Anniversary in November.