History of the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha

The seven original founders of Alpha Omicron were: Claudius Mayo Singleton, Merle Thomas Waggoner, Samuel Austin Grogan, Omer Ogden Mickle, Adrian Lee Voight, Glenn Dee Chapman and James Marvin McGuire. They were initiated on November 10, 1910. In 1933, Alpha Omicron had only seven actives. It was toward the end of the year that the Pi Kappa Alphas ceased at exist at Southwestern University. The main reason was that we got kicked off campus. It seems that our still blew up, burned down our house, and the next door neighbor’s, who happened to be Dean.

Some time later, Kenneth Bass (with the help of faculty and other students) inaugurated a local fraternity called Phi Chi.  That some fraternity soon desired to become a part of some greater national fraternity. On June 2, 1945, fifty men met in Room 9 of Mood Hall to talk about the possibility.

On January 16, 1948, Beta Mu from The University of Texas at Austin and Beta Zeta from Southern Methodist University gave rebirth to Alpha Omicron, the mother chapter of Texas.  The house was built in 1960, with several additions made in 1964 and major renovation in the early ’80s.  A new house was built in the early ’90s.

Alpha Omicron received national awards in 1966, 1968, 1974, . . . ?  This is were we need to fill in the blanks.

In 1969-1070 Alpha Omicron forged a new philosophy “Unity within Individualism”.

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